Strafford Trail System


The Strafford Trail System consists of 18 miles of trails described here in 7 maps. Most of the trails are made possible by private land owners who host the sections of the trail passing over their property. Landowners have agreed to allow human powered traffic on their trails which includes foot, snowshoe, skis, and bicycle though the trails are not wheel friendly or conducive to anything but foot traffic. No motor vehicles please unless specifically permitted as in the few sections that follow VAST trails.
The trail system is a resource of the Town of Strafford and is managed by the Strafford Conservation Commission.

Two major trails running North-South are the
Town House Trail and the Cross Town Trail.
The Town House Trail runs from the village of Strafford near the Town House to the highest point on Rt 132 on O'neill Road and is represented in 2 maps.
The two trails are connected buy the Morrill Link starting at the Justin Morrill Homestead.

Town House Trail Description and maps

The Cross Town Trail runs from the highest point on Old City Falls Road to the Sharon town line in 4 maps. It connects the 35 mile  Cross Rivendell Trail to the Norwich Gile Mountain area and trails. It is all woods hiking with no class 3 roads.

Cross Town Trail Description and maps

Map 7 (below) covers a separate loop in the Municipal forest near the north end of Hemenway Road.

     Scenes seen on the trail  A sampling of pictures taken on the trail system.

Good management includes understanding types, times and volume of traffic on the trail system. Monitoring cameras are often used to gather this type of data. We  need  to understand where trail maintenance needs are greatest and anticipate problems before they arise.

No State, private or federal grant money was used in this trail system.
It is the work of volunteer individuals and private gifts.

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or view relief map of whole trail system here.

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Below is the key to the seven maps of the trail

Fen trail and Cobb Hill Trails  (Cobb Town Forest) - Map 7

One mile loop starting on Hemenway Road.  It features 350 feet of board walk for wetland observation and protection. Bear and moose sign have been found on this trail on several occasions. Marked with yellow flags and paint it follows up one side of the stream and back down the other. Characterized  by old foundations, stone walls, a variety of wetland plant species, including showy lady slippers, moccasin flowers, sedges, purple fringed orchids, bog candles, turtle heads, blue flag and some exceptionally tall straight pines.  The original name of this town owned property was the Cobb Town Forest because it was a gift to the town by Dr Gardner Cobb about 1960.

A photo album of flowers that are found in this forest in seasonal blooming sequence is viewable  here.

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